Marseille Creative City

call for tender

Ariane Coussieu

Authentic french socks factory

relift of the logo

Nikon Social Studio

call for tender

interactive stand for music festivals

@ Azilis

fnac cultural surprises

60th birthday

@ Azilis


branding for FX network



graduation project

independant multimedia label
promotion of the adaptations of films,books and music


the future of electronic books

the experience of reading through emotions
with Willy R., Camille D. & Maëva S.

Nicholas Wooton

branding for a production company

@ Arsonal

Open Golf Troyes

golf club for city amateurs


analysis and redesign of the global identity unification of the identity of the european bicycle sharing system run by JC decaux

international federation of association of victims of terrorism

Superior Design School of Troyes

new identity and signage construction grid based on the architecture of the cloister

pictogramms made up of the elements of the logo

Emile Pernont's sons distillery

absinthe and liquors

bâton et carotte

stick and carrot, cheap and useless design

identity and visiting cards

fluorescent stamp